Spiritual Messages - with Lorraine
Welcome to Spiritual Messages! 

My name is Lorrie. I am a Spiritual Medium and Reiki Master.  It is my personal goal to be of help, service and comfort to others, especially those looking for confirmation about their friends and loved ones that have crossed over. My services include Mediumship, Angel and Tarot Card readings. 

Spiritual Messages come to us in many ways such as a feeling, a thought, a vision, or a knowing. They can direct us to pay attention to things, people, places and situations that inspire us, help & teach us, or connect us with individuals who have crossed over.

Believing and knowing that our Spirits live on after we pass over allows us to work through difficulties, enjoy small moments, be kinder, feel comfortable aging and know that the people in our lives will always be with us. 

Love brings hope, Hope brings faith,
Faith brings belief, Belief brings strength, joy & peace.