"Like the immeasurable space where the ocean meets the air, so is the space that Spirit dwells".


As a Spiritualist Medium and healer it is my personal goal to be of help, service, and comfort to those who are seeking information or need reassurance that their loved ones live on and are present.


During a reading you can expect to receive specific information about your loved ones in Spirit such as a description, personality, hobbies, significant objects, and memories as well as an understanding of your continued relationships. 

Life/Psychic Card Reading
This is beneficial for those interested in discussing their own lives and current situations.


Lorrie was able to bring through the energies of loved ones that I was hoping to hear from. She gave me evidential information such as signs they have been sending me, things we had done together, their personalities and how they had passed. She delivers all her information with kindness, love and caring. I left there feeling much lighter, knowing that my loved ones truly are watching over me, as I had already believed. I will definitely be calling her again and will recommend her. 


Personalized Group Events 
-Small group of 4-6 90 min group sitting.  

-Organizational fundraisers


One-on-one tutoring for those with a strong desire to understand or sharpen their abilities.

Tarot, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Signs & Symbols,  Signup for an existing workshop or coordinate an event for your group.

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The services provided by Spiritual Messages, LLC are for enrichment, emotional comfort, and entertainment purposes only. The services provided by Lorrie through Spiritual Messages, LLC are  faith based and not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional disorder/disease, nor are they meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or doctor. All communications during readings, lectures, Meditations, or workshops are to be considered potential guidance, informational, and opinion based only and not as directives with a clear understanding that the client or student is solely responsible for how the information received is used or shared. Booking service with Lorrie indicates an understanding of this information.

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