2018 World Congress of Spiritualists
Arthur Findlay College, England

"There's more to being a Spiritualist Medium then simply delivering information. It's living a heart centered life that is evident in the ways we interact with all individuals - not just those in the Spirit world."


Lorrie makes it her personal goal to be of help, service, and comfort to those who are seeking information or are in need. She knows that everyone is connected through Spirit and believes that sharing what we receive is a gift to others, ourselves and to those in the Spirit world. The foundation of her beliefs and understanding in continuous life, or life after life, is rooted in a religious upbringing and personal experiences. She provides private and group readings, facilitates workshops, and volunteers her time demonstrating mediumship and encouraging others to explore their own abilities.  


Knowing that our Spirits live eternally helps us to overcome difficulties, enjoy more moments, be kinder, feel comfortable aging, and know that the people in our lives will always be with us.  The services Lorrie provides are very personal and heart center.  Lorrie hosts gatherings and teaches classes in Easton, PA. that include meditation, development exercises, and discussions for individuals interested in exploring their own potential - we learn and grow together. Additional services include custom events on location and through online webinars.   Lorrie holds a degree in e-Business Management and even though she enjoyed a successful career working in corporate America her passion is connecting people to their best selves and loved ones in Spirit.

Unlike many of her colleagues Lorrie cultivated mediumistic abilities later in life but always felt a strong inner connection to the unknown or unseen and to the grandparents and other family members that passed over before she was even born.  Lorrie explains, "I never expected to become a medium and like many of you I was simply searching for answers and reassurance after suffering a sudden loss. I learned how comforting and beneficial mediumship is when it is provided in a respectful, soulful, and evidential way. This inspired me to uncover and acknowledge my own abilities, which each of us possess in connecting with the life energy of others, both here and on the other side. I’m still often amazed by the path I’ve taken and never forget that it was love and grief that directed my journey".


As a teacher she's developed and facilitated original workshops that include: Clairvoyance, Symbols, and Signs, Exploring Tarot, Connection to Spirit, Blending with the Spirit World and Mediumship 101. In addition to local events Lorrie is always open to new opportunities and loves traveling to facilitate workshops on location. She's  enjoyed teaching at iconic locations including the Lily Dale Assembly in western NY and the Historical Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. 

Lorrie is proud to be associated with many reputable and well-known organizations. She is an ordained Minister of The Journey Within Spiritualist Church, located in Pompton Lakes, NJ, where she's honored to serve as a demonstrating medium and certified healer.  She is also a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) and the Distant Healing Network (DHN).   Lorrie has devoted much time over the years as a volunteer for the SNU international and distant healing for the (DHN) and enjoys working with people from all over the globe.

Lorrie has studied with highly respected international tutors primarily at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ.  She also attends advanced courses at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England and loves being part of a globally diverse community and her association with some of the worlds greatest tutors and historians on Spiritualism.