My Tarot was designed to be a unique tool and personalized journal for documenting your Tarot journey. Spend time with each card and document your perspectives, the symbols you notice, and most importantly the feeling you have. The journal is 8.5 x 11. Each of the 78 Cards has it's own page with a color image of the card and sections for your notes or doodles. Learning to use Tarot cards effectively takes time and patience. Remember it’s a journey and one that shouldn’t be rushed. The process of exploring and developing your intuition with Tarot should be an experience of joy and self-discovery. The Tarot has been used for over 800 years and is simply just a tool that provides inspiration and addresses life’s concerns and events though symbols, numbers and various images and colors. As you discover the intricacies of each card, you’ll also discover your own intuitive abilities and know that they are extraordinary and unlike anyone else’s. Always know that the true intuition comes from your own divine spark! Enjoy the journey!

Coming Soon: Clairvoyance, Signs, and Symbols - July 2020

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