"Honoring items from the past provides comfort, respects times gone by, and reminds us that life is continuous".

In addition to mediumship Lorrie is passionate about creative fabric arts and recycling.  Breathing new life into a well-loved garment or vintage linen is very reflective and gratifying especially if the materials hold sentimental value.

Many people enjoy having a useful item created from something found in a loved one’s closet.   Lorrie takes great care and satisfaction in creating new from the old and calls this the "Old Soul" collection. This started when she salvaged a beautifully embroidered section from one of her Mother-in-laws old stained tea towels. As someone who has suffered grief and as a medium Lorrie understands the struggle people have in parting with a loved one’s clothing or personal items. She recalls the struggle in deciding what to keep before visiting the donation center.  A few special items were kept and recycled into Memorial items and family gifts.

Some previous projects include handbags and zipper pouches from old suits, pillows from well-loved tea towels, eyeglass holders, journal covers, table runners and bureau scarfs from old well-worn dresses, and tote bags from old blue jeans. Each project is a unique labor of love.

Contact Lorrie if you would like to discuss a new project from your materials.

Tote bag crafted with hand embroidered vintage linen.



Lumbar pillow and Tote bag made from a Granny's kitchen towels and woven upholstery fabric



Quilted Table Runner made from fabric squares  

Calendar Tea towel linen pillows with side zips



Lined purse from Tweed suit jacket

Formal pillow from Hand embroidered panel 

Grateful Dead pillow from vintage T-shirt